Friday, March 29, 2013

[Fixed][VIM] E354: Invalid register name: '*'

This error occurs when you or some of your vim plugins try to access register '*' which is a system clipboard. In default Mac OSX vim, it is compiled without system clipboard support enable. You can check this by run command :version inside vim. In the result, you will see -clipboard. Disable is -, enable is +.

To solve this issue, you need to compile vim with +clipboard yourself. I suggest OSX users to use brew to help this process. Out-of-the-box brew compiles vim with +clipboard. To do this run
brew install vim
Then you might need to create a new symbolic link from your vi command to point to the newly installed vim.
First you need to know the path of your new vim. Run
brew info vim
You should see something similar to /usr/local/Cellar/vim/7.3.875 in the result which means your vim binary file is at /usr/local/Cellar/vim/7.3.875/bin/vim. To create a new symbolic link for vi, first you need to remove the existing link
sudo rm /usr/bin/vi
Then you can create a new link.
sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/vim/7.3.875/bin/vim /usr/bin/vi

Sunday, March 3, 2013

PostgreSQL: Listen to remote connection

By default postgres does not allow accessing via ip address, you can only access with localhost. If you try to access with ip address, you will get the error message like this: (assume that = localhost)
$ psql -h dbname
psql: could not connect to server: Connection refused
Is the server running on host "" and accepting
TCP/IP connections on port 5432?
To allow connection via ip address, you need to add that ip address to listen_addresses config. Here's how to do that:
  1. Open file postgresql.conf (the location of the file depend on OS and installed place)
  2. Look for listen_addresses
  3. Uncomment the line
  4. Add ipaddress that you want postgres to listen on inside the same single quote with 'localhost'. Like this listen_addresses = 'localhost,'
  5. Restart postgres server (again depend on your OS on how to restart service)
  6. Now, you should be able to access it with "-h ipaddress". Such as psql -h dbname

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