Monday, May 10, 2010

VIM - How to format and syntax highlight JSON file

  • Run this command in shell 
    sudo cpan JSON::XS
  • Put this line to ~/.vimrc 
    map <leader>jt <Esc>:%!json_xs -f json -t json-pretty<CR>
  • When want to format JSON file press

  • credit : “tidify” a json in vim
Syntax highlighting


Kenny Younger said...

You missed the "y" on the end of "pretty". :)

Hank Wang said...

It's good post, thanks :)

[ m a t t D ] said...

awesome. thanks!

Michael Romero said...

Thanks! Had to capitalize leader (i.e. Leader)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, very helpful. I didn't try the formatting tidy commands but the syntax highlighting works like a charm.

The linked json.vim file has been superseded as described on the source link.

For the lazy, here's the commands I shared with my team to copy-paste these actions:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/syntax
curl -o ~/.vim/syntax/json.vim
echo "au BufRead,BufNewFile *.json set filetype=json" >> ~/.vimrc

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